Grievance Report


IND-20-003 – Mike Gatskie – Removed from callout list for 14 days (COVID-19). Not allowed to use 80 hours of FFCRA; however, company dispatched Mike to three calls on 11/24/2020.

Remedy Requested: Reinstated to callout list or allowed to use FFCRA. If not allowed to use FFCRA, paid for missed callouts.-(STEP 2)

KIS-20-017 – Richard Rapp – ARCOS did not call or leave message for callout at 8:30am. Also took call on 12/25 and no connection to ARCOS after answering but able to log in to app and take.

Remedy Requested:  Remedy the pay grade level and back pay all hours at proper rate. —(WITHDRAWN)


WIL-20-020 – Mike Bogert/Nick Shook – Full list of operators never ran for O&M during callout on Friday, November 6th for 8 man crew blowing 24” coupler.

Remedy Requested: Pay employees who were skipped.-(STEP 2)

WIL-20-021 – Local 612 – Supervisor turned off bypass at LS station at Foster Street in Lawrenceville on Friday, November 6th. He is in violation of Article 13.

Remedy Requested: Supervisors should not be doing union work. –(WITHDRAWN)

WIL-20-022 – Dakotah Shaw – I was denied sick time when instructed by the company to stay home due to COVID-19, and forced to use vacation time.

Remedy Requested: Reimbursement of vacation time used. –(ABEYANCE)

WIL-21-001 – Local 612 – Dispatch not calling out a no gas on Christmas Eve at 11:30pm. Dispatch told customer to run hot water to check for gas. Customer had plumber come out next morning which then we came out.

Remedy Requested: Do not allow Dispatch to make decision on a no gas over the phone. Pay whomever was up on the call out list. –(WITHDRAWN)

WILB-20-003 – Local 612 – Callout roster was stopped during the callout process and people were called out personally by a supervisor. Remedy Requested:  Issues with callout roster and process that need addressed. –(STEP 2)

In Solidarity,

Joshua Cascone

Recording Secretary